The Best Supplement for Enhancing Memory

What is the best supplement for enhancing your memory?

Nootropics is relatively new field of study, which are purported to work as memory supplements. Dr. Corneliu  Giurgea is said to have coined the term. In Latin nootropics literally means to bend or turn the mind and he also noticed that certain chemical substances when ingested improved mental capabilities. The people who used these supplements, such as oxiracetam powder, experienced positive change in their memory recall, attention span, cognitive ability moreover they have improved intelligence and are more quicker.

The results are truly extraordinary; nootropics achieve these results through the manipulation of the brain itself. It increases the oxygen flow to it and work directly on nerve endings to stimulate growth and rapid response. If you aren’t too thrilled with working with pills or chemicals, you can still reap its benefits by ingesting natural vitamins you have known to exist for a pretty long time. Given below are just a few examples of the nutrients that have nootropic memory benefits:

  • B Vitamins family – All of the B vitamins have displayed that they can slow down the rate of atrophy in the brain due to age.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids – These nutrients decrease the risk of damage to the cognitive functions and speed of a person. They are known to work well when ingested by expectant mothers.
  •  Isoflavanoids – This nutrient increases the speed and ability of cognitive function as well as executive function.
  • D Vitamins – This boosts not only cognitive abilities but also holds cardiovascular benefits.

fish oils and other supplements enhance memory


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