How Certain Racetams Will Enhance Your Memory

Enhancing Cognitive Performance with Racetams

When looking to enhance memory and improve cognitive performance, many people turn to memory supplements to achieve the desired result. Studies have shown that there are a number of medicinal herbs that have produced beneficial effects and less severe side effects and other supplements that target the enhancement of memory. Contingents of these memory increasing compounds that do not fall into the herbal category are three supplements that are classified as nootropics.  Often referred to as “smart drugs” these compounds have been proven effective in improving memory and cognitive function with very little side effects. Three of the more popular versions of these “racetams” include aniracetam, Piracetam, and oxiracetam.

Effects of Aniracetam

 One of the more popular and markedly more potent of these racetams is aniracetam.  Many studies have identified that this compound not only has a beneficial effect on memory enhancement and cognitive improvement, but its benefits extend beyond these two factors. Some of the most notable conditions these supplements have been known to affect is depression and anxiety humans. Further testing has also revealed that these supplements have been responsible for treating certain phobias.  This is truly unique information as the primary focus of these memory supplements is on an individual’s cognitive function. To extend the benefits further, test of also noted that Alzheimer’s patients and even post stroke depression and dementia have been positively affected by the use of these supplements.


 If your overall goal is to increase learning, memory, and cognitive function, it’s important that you speak with your healthcare professional to determine exactly which of these memory supplements is right for you. Everybody’s condition is different and it is important to understand what you are unique characteristics are before going into a dosing regimen. You’ll be happy to know that aniracetam is also very effective for those seeking to alleviate problems with depression, anxiety, and even social phobias. Armed with this knowledge we can see that these memory supplements extend far beyond the benefits of helping someone increase their memory but also providing relief to more common psychological problems.

Legal Issues with Racetams

 These compounds are legal to utilize and possess in those countries including the United States of America. They can be sourced online or received through your doctor. A typical dosing regimen can go anywhere from 400 to 800 mg.  Some individuals taking these medications have also reported a feeling of strong mental effects that include an increased focus on their he and greatly enhance problem solving skills within  1 to 2 days. While these effects may fade over the course of the continued use cycle, it is best to consult with your doctor to determine whether or not occasionally use will be beneficial to you. All in all, the increased mental activity and enhance blood flow to the brain that is produced by this memory supplement can be the boost that you are looking for. Speak with your doctor and find out how you can get the edge and enhance your memory through the use of racetams and other applicable medications.


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